How to Lead Your Business to Even Greater Success

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Which of these will help you finally realize your dreams for your small business?

The world of business is changing fast with 

  • Health Care
  • Global Competition
  • New Technology.

Thriving in that environment depends of the ability of the business to adapt and change.

What got you here won’t get you there anymore.

Helping business owners and leaders do more for and get more from their business is the vision of Next Level Business Development and as your business coach Mike’s personal commitment to his clients.

Our model of Business Coaching includes consulting around specific business issues and professional advice.  But mostly at Next Level BD we don’t tell you what to do, because so often the business owner knows what to do already.

Problem is they aren’t doing it.

And that is where the power of Business Coaching comes in enabling the business person to see what they are somehow missing and empowering them to do what they aren’t doing.

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Here’s What Business Owners Just Like You Are Saying About Working With Next Level Business Development

“They are everywhere nowadays: Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Guru’s you name it. Having owned my own businesses for a long time these people always annoyed me. It seemed that most of them failed in business themselves and decided it was a great idea to try to tell me how to run my business. Until I met Mike Sobus from Next Level…grey hair, dressed in a business suit, confident and eager to listen at networking meetings. Still I would not touch this whole coaching business with a ten foot pole since I was successful on my own thank you very much. So months go by and Mike, the ultimate networker gives me a nice referral because he felt I could do a great job for that client. A conversation ensued and I decided to sit down with Mike and hire his services because I made a business decision to do so. Well, now a year later my business life is different thanks to Mike Sobus. It is not the magic wand, but somebody looking at my business from a completely non-emotional way. Guidance before a big potential client meeting, how to interact with certain personalities (biggie), figuring out the personalities of my staff to work better together,  create systems and organizing my business. This week after my last session with Mike we went over some numbers and they were quite staggering. Coincidence? I do not think so.  In short, if you are a business owner that wants to excel, go talk to this guy he can really make a difference”

Rudy Van Overen, Peabody Financial